Post-extraction immediate temporization


"How to gain a maximum with minimal effort",

This case report shows an easy-to-apply everyday protocol for post-extraction wound management with the aim to better our final prosthodontic solution.

Here is a case of a 75-year old patient with a bone defect on the upper right first molar.

OPG x-ray showed suspicious transillumination in the region around tooth 16 and clinical examination showed furcation communication of 8 mm. The patient denied any symptoms other than occasional bad breath and smell coming from that region.

The treatment plan was designed according to the patient's needs and financial possibilities. Extraction of the molar following an immediate temporization and finishing with the zirconia-ceramic final bridge three months after extraction.


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This case shows how immediate post-extraction temporization can prove beneficial from both clinical and patient points of view.

On the patient side, it is easier to cope with the idea of losing a tooth and adjusting to a bridge solution. On the clinician side, we have a guided tissue healing meant to form a hygienic pontic spot for a future permanent bridge.

The superiority of the temporary bridge material such as proved with Luxacrown makes all effort worthwhile as the creating process much easier.

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