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For those of you just joining us, welcome. Webinars are shaping into the next big thing for continuing education in any profession. Based on that, we offer participation in dental seminars, courses and webinars that are going to be organised in order to support our colleagues and professionals who know that relevance comes from knowledge. Free & paid dental webinars will be equally supported in order to give everyone a sense of what they can get from us. Professionals from across Europe will be at your disposal! 

Free online dental webinars will be a part of our free dental continuing education. So expect a lot of dental webinar series you will be able to fully participate without any additional cost for our fellow dentists. Only thing you should do is follow our free dentistry events and sign in to our newsletter database in order to be timely updated.    

We will also offer accredited dental webinars with following certificates for the dental community locally in Croatia. Yes, we mean business. Our webinar bubble will also include all sorts of orthodontic webinars, dental hygiene webinars and dental clinicians educations.    

There is a lot to offer and if you have any additional ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We won't bite! But if we do, will it be the perfect one? Let's talk about it...

Our team

Dario Novak

Dario Novak


Passionate about photography, hiking, and board games.
Loves minimally invasive dentistry, smile design, and a fully digital planning approach.
Works in Dentum dental clinic and in free time as an Opinion leader for DMG in prosthodontics in which area he's writing case reports and articles.
Gives lectures and hands-on workshops for domestic and international dentists.

Mario Skočić

Mario Skočić


Natural born engineer and unofficial grill master.
He is all about startups and making ideas happen.
Has experience in developing a startup from zero and leading a development team. Now works as an engineer in a venture studio.
Always trying to spend his free time far away from the screen, sailing, skiing, hiking or cooking.

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